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Fireside Chat

Trade Loyalty Evolution and Personalization: The ExxonMobil Story

Join us for a fireside chat exploring Mobilawy, the first-of-its-kind B2B loyalty program transforming the lubricants industry in Egypt. This innovative program empowers both Mobil and its network of retailers, fostering long-term partnerships and driving mutual success.

Ahmed Abdeldayem

Ahmed Abdeldayem

Africa Middle East CMO
ExxonMobil Lubricants

Ahmed Mazhar

Ahmed Mazhar

Commercial Vice President


Radically simplifying your approach to loyalty

  • From strategy and customer data through to programme design and implementation
  • A step-by-step guide to achieve customer loyalty in this ever challenging environment
Amanda Cromhout

Amanda Cromhout

CEO & Founder TRUTH
Author of Blind Loyalty – 101 loyalty concepts radically simplified.
International Loyalty Personality of the Year 2023 (ILA)


Why Loyalty Keeps You Up Less at Night

A proven aid to executives as they lead through the “big 5” business challenges that tend to keep them up at night.

We’ve always been told of the importance of getting a good night’s rest but those working at the c-suite often fall behind on this. Often business challenges keep not only CEOs but the entire executive team up as they require more than just a ‘quick-fix’ meeting of ‘band-aid’ solutions. Higher order issues, such as a drop in revenue or eroding margins, attracting and retaining top talent, or best utilization of limited resources for maximum gains, percolate constantly and need to be managed so as to not boil up. In this session, you’ll learn how Loyalty is a proven aid to executives as they lead through the “big 5” business challenges that tend to keep them up at night.

Aaron Dauphinone

Aaron Dauphinee, CLMP™

Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer
The Wise Marketeer


What AI will not tell you about loyalty

Lessons learned from 30 years designing, building and managing loyalty programs that are not available in any text books.

Iain pringle

Iain Pringle

12.15 - 14:00



Loyalty Empowers - The Global Customer Loyalty Report 2024 Key Insights

Get an in-depth look at what the future holds for loyalty programs now. Learn how the loyalty market is changing together with the expectations of loyalty professionals.

Zsuzsa Kecsmar 1681282172269

Zsuzsa Kecsmar

Chief Strategy Officer, Co-founder
Antavo Loyalty Cloud


The Critical Role of Loyalty Programs in Modern Retail

In the competitive arena of retail, loyalty programs are the MVPs (Most Valuable Players), brand must continually adapt and refine their skills to meet the challenges of the game.

This case study will present some wonderful insights into the international recognised Myer one Loyalty program, with a membership of seven million contactable members in total and the third largest loyalty program in Australia The Myer One program is more than just a mechanism for retention, it has become a pivotal revenue enhancers for the Myer group in an arena marked by intense competition and rapidly evolving consumer behaviours.


Robert Pope

GM Customerr
Myer one

Panel Discussion

Loyalty Redefined - To Engage Today’s Consumers

The concept of customer loyalty is undergoing a significant transformation. As brands compete with an ever-increasing number of loyalty programs, this session will look at some wonderful global programs and how they have reimagined their loyalty programs beyond points and monetary rewards to make them more engaging and fit the needs of their customers .

Annich McIntosh 1516302597167

Annich McIntosh

Loyalty Magazine


Martin Stucki

Chief Digital Officer


Marton Homola

Head of Loyalty, CRM and Digital Channels

Meredith Allan

Meredith Allan

Head of Rewards + PersonalisationShoprite

Panel Discussion

Secret to Loyalty in a Complex Environment: Exploration through a Coalition and Luxury Lens

This discussion delves into the strategies for cultivating brand loyalty within the intricate landscape of coalition & luxury programs.

Carolyn Glen Mar

Carolyn Glen Mar

Senior Director, Marketing - Strategic Partners
Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

Clarrisa Schealer

Clarissa Schealer

Senior Vice President Sales
Capillary Technology

Ketan Phanse-1

Ketan Phanse

Sr. Director & Product Head
Loyalty, Tata Neu

17.00 - 18:00

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