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Whether you choose to become an official partner or exhibit, Loyalty Connect guarantees the most effective investment channel to showcase your brand in 2024.

Targeted Global Audience

Loyalty Connect provides access to the largest, highly targeted global audience interested in customer loyalty solutions and strategies. Partnering with the 2024 International Loyalty Awards ensures an audience from all continents across the globe.

Investment Accountability and Measurable ROI

Loyalty Connect prioritizes investment accountability and delivering a measurable return on investment (ROI) unparalleled by any other loyalty event.

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Why Partner with Loyalty Connect Global?

Brand awareness

Gain unparalleled brand exposure by narrating your brand’s distinctive story to a diverse global audience. Let your narrative resonate across borders, connecting with a vast spectrum of potential partners, customers, and stakeholders.

Thought leadership

Show the world that your company is one step ahead. Place your brand at the forefront of an industry topic, launch a new product, or lead a masterclass or roundtable.


Our event is designed to offer unrivalled networking opportunities over the two days.Our event app ensures you can connect with the right people and start a conversation with a future business partner.

Lead generation

Loyalty Connect Global attendees are the decision makers choosing the must-have products and technologies. Theyare on the lookout for the next big thing for their loyalty program and company.

We Mean Business

Un-paralleled access to senior loyalty professional across leading brands at the
largest loyalty event of the year.

Showcase your brand to the world’s largest global loyalty community.

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